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Here on the Faith in Writing blog, with the new year in full swing, we’ve compiled a list of new and most anticipated Christian romantic suspense novels of 2023 that you won’t want to miss. As Christian readers, we often look forward to books that not only entertain us but also inspire and uplift us with themes that make us examine ourselves. Romantic suspense novels weave together suspense, mystery and thriller stories with the romance and love stories that make our hearts flutter.

These are just a few of the most anticipated Christian romantic suspense titles of 2023 that you won’t want to miss. With gripping plots and heart-pounding romance, these books are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

Cold Light of Day by Elizabeth Goddard book cover

“Cold Light of Day” by Elizabeth Goddard: USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard returns with a new book that may just be a hair-raising read. Police Chief Autumn Long fights to keep her job in a quiet Alaska town when a string of crimes occur. She turns to newcomer Grier Brenner for help, but their collaboration may be a trap. As dangers increase, they must rely on each other to stop the threats.


Releases February 1, 2023.

Critical Threat by Lynette Eason book cover

“Critical Threat” by Lynette Eason: The third book in the popular Extreme Measures series is expected to be an exciting book. FBI Agent Grace Billingsley tracks serial killers using her psychiatric skills, but prison psychiatrist Sam Monroe knows that incarceration doesn’t eliminate the threat. When bodies are found with Sam’s father’s M.O., they work together to solve the case, despite past issues and mistrust.


Released January 3, 2023.

A Cry in the Dark by Jessica R. Patch book cover

“A Cry in the Dark” by Jessica R. Patch: Publishers Weekly Bestselling author Jessica R. Patch is back with a new book that is sure to be a hit. FBI agent Violet Rainwater and local detective John Orlando team up to solve a series of brutal murders in an isolated Appalachian town, but as they dig deeper, Violet uncovers a link to her own unresolved past. She must unravel the twisted connections before the killer strikes again, but solving the case might not be nearly as terrifying as the possibility that Violet’s finally found her roots.


Releases February 1, 2023.

Dark of Night by Colleen Coble book cover.

“Dark of Night” by Colleen Coble: The second book in the Annie Pederson series is likely to be another exhilerating twisty read. Annie Pederson, a ranger, must balance justice and grace while investigating a missing hiker case and dealing with the return of her first love, Jon, and a woman claiming to be her long lost sister.


Released January 10, 2023.

Counter Attack by Patricia Bradley book cover.

“Counter Attack” by Patricia Bradley: Bestselling author Patricia Bradley is back with the first book in her Pearl River series and it promises to be a thrilling read. Alexis Stone becomes interim sheriff for Russell County, Tennessee and encounters a serial killer, the Queen’s Gambit Killer, who strikes in her hometown. Pearl Springs chief of police Nathan Landry, her high school sweetheart, wants to protect her as the danger mounts and the killer closes in. Can Nathan bring the killer to justice before it’s too late?

Releases May 16, 2023.

Narrow Escape by Christy Barritt book cover.

“Narrow Escape” by Christy Barritt: This upcoming novel by Christy Barritt promises to be another hit. Natalie Whitehurst, a general contractor for a new lodge, fights to keep her late husband’s business alive and regain her life after his death. When her remote jobsite is compromised, her survival instincts kick in.


Releases January 31, 2023.

I’m sure you won’t want to miss my latest release either! ;) Here it is:

Grave Pursuits by Elle E. Kay book cover.

“Grave Pursuits” by Elle E. Kay: This is my first book in the Pennsylvania Parks series and I’ve been told it’s a delightfully chilling tale.

Tension builds as the body count increases. Emily Davis stumbles upon a skull while searching for a missing hiker and is targeted by a serial killer. She teams up with her high school sweetheart, now a Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant, to end the killer’s reign of terror in popular Hickory Run State Park.


Released January 2, 2023.

What are some titles you’re looking forward to reading? Any that aren’t on this list?

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