Lawfully Guarded Book Cover
Author : Elle E. Kay
Publish : February 12, 2019
Publisher : Faith Writes Publishing
ISBN : 978-1-950240-00-5
Pages : 101
Country : USA
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Description :

Fake fiancé. Real feelings.

Delaney Whitaker’s sister goes missing. She doesn’t believe her sister is in any real danger, but perhaps the bodyguard assigned to her can fulfill a different role. Without telling him, Delaney declares Trenton Prescott her fiancé. Trent plays along initially but later confronts her. Instead of apologizing, Delaney begs him to follow through with the marriage so she can gain her inheritance. The marriage of convenience takes on much more meaning when danger finds Delaney. Trent realizes he genuinely loves his wife, but it might be too little, too late to save her.

** Note: Each book in The Lawkeepers series is a standalone book, so you can read them in any order.