Shadowing Stella Book Cover
Author: Elle E. Kay
Publish: April 15, 2016
Publisher: Faith Writes Publishing
Pages: 286 pages
Country: USA
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Danger sends her home … then follows her.

Stella McIntyre returns home to a loving family carrying much more heartache and baggage than she left with. She’s also pregnant with her attacker’s child, and the assailant isn’t through with her.

He’s watching her every move. And he’s not the only one interested in her.

Back from deployment in the Middle East, Army Corporal, Jason Duncan is captivated by Stella and wants to get to know her better. His protective instincts kick in, but can he overcome the defenses she’s built up around her heart?

The danger lurking in the shadows could strengthen their faith and knit their hearts together, or it could destroy them.

*****This book is a romantic suspense/thriller with strong Christian themes.*****


The Endless Mountain Series is a series of stand-alone books that can be read alone or as a series. While the characters from the first book are mentioned in the second and third books, they do not need to be read them in order to understand the individual stories.