Chasing Sofie Book Cover
Author: Elle E. Kay
Publish: July 17, 2019
Publisher: Faith Writes Publishing
Country: USA
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Death. Drugs. Danger.

When her boyfriend ends up dead, crime blogger, Sofie Marino, wants answers. Nobody’s taking his death seriously. Three additional deaths in three weeks, all related to heroin or fentanyl, can’t be a coincidence. As Sofie seeks the truth, the danger level rises. For some reason, the cartel ringleaders want her dead.

DEA agent, Caleb Daniels, saves Sofie’s life and starts falling for her, but being good at his job might put him at odds with her. On the other hand, if he’s not careful, his personal feelings may jeopardize the case against a powerful drug ring.

Will faith, love, and hope carry them through the dangers, or will evil claim two more victims?

*****This book is a romantic suspense/thriller with strong Christian themes.*****


The Endless Mountain Series is a series of three stand-alone books that can be read alone or as a series. While the characters from the first book are mentioned in the second and third books, they do not need to be read in order to understand the individual stories.