The Billionaire's Reluctant Bride Cover
Author: Elle E. Kay
Publish: April 4, 2019
Publisher: Faith Writes Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-950240-01-2
Country: USA
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A wedding and a hurricane. What could go wrong?

When people see Zachary Williams, they see a successful entrepreneur who changed an entire industry. He wonders why he bothered. Lonely and frustrated with life, he remembers an agreement he made with his best friend when they were in their teens. He searches out Addison and offers her the deal of a lifetime.

When Addison hears from Zach and he invokes a pact they made as teenagers, she thinks he’s joking. By the time she figures out how serious he is, she’s committed herself to his crazy scheme with no way to back out.

Soon the two of them are caught in the midst of a hurricane on his private island. Find out how they weather the storm of a lifetime in The Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride.