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I spent the past few weeks writing a Christmas themed novella. Those who know the Bible well, know that Jesus wasn’t born in December. Furthermore, He never asked us to celebrate His birthday. He asked that we memorialize His death by taking of the bread and the wine, until He returns.

Turning down the project was an option I considered. I could have said ‘no’ to writing anything that revolved around a misrepresentation of the timing of the physical manifestation of the Son of God, who left his heavenly throne to come down here and be born to a woman.  Yet, I chose to write the book. I wrote the story because in December when people celebrate Christmas, they are often receptive to hearing the gospel. Adding God’s love to a novel is gentler than confronting someone in a supermarket line or at a baseball game. It may have more of an effect than leaving a tract on the table with a tip or in the waiting area of a doctor’s office. The people who read my novels and novellas choose to pick up that book, so if I can share the tiniest bit of God’s love with them, I may have planted a seed. If I add a verse or two to a sweet story that might get them thinking, that might even get them to reach for their Bibles, than maybe God used me and my writing to reach a soul.

Most of the time I need complete silence to write, but during the writing of this story, I occasionally listened to instrumental Christmas music. When it’s one hundred degrees outside, it can be hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I was surprised at how soothing the music was. Even without the words playing,  when you know the song and the meaning behind those missing words, it can reach down and tug at your heart.  Heaven came down, so how can we not celebrate? Why not celebrate today? We don’t need to wait until December 25th to celebrate what He’s done for us.


Holly’s Noel (Part of the Under the Mistletoe collection of Christmas themed novellas)

Holly's Noel Cover

Forced to rent out her childhood home next door to make ends meet, Holly Ewing finds herself battling an aggravating new renter.

Best-selling author, Noel Ryan, rents a home on Lake Bethel, a three month escape from the distractions of home. He soon discovers that Holly is a distraction in her own right.

When difficult situations bring them together, will they stop battling long enough to discover the truth before Christmas separates them?

Release date is December 1, 2017. Order your copy to get a special preorder price of .99 for the entire collection.



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