Endless Mountain Series

Discover a gripping Christian romantic suspense series filled with mystery and faith. In this collection, follow the journeys of three remarkable young women, introduced in book one: Stella, Claudia, and Sofie.

In Shadowing Stella, Stella navigates life as a pregnant, single daughter of the town preacher, all while sensing someone watching her every move. Her decision to ignore the danger may have deadly consequences if she’s not careful.

In Implicating Claudia, Claudia reunites with Dawson, a childhood friend and neighbor, only to be falsely accused of murder. As the real killer targets her, her stubborn independence may put more than just her own life at risk.

In Chasing Sofie, Sofie refuses to accept that her boyfriend Johan’s death was a suicide. When she starts her own investigation into his death, she uncovers dangerous evidence that leads her into harm’s way.

Experience the thrill of suspense and the power of faith as these three women journey through love, loss, and danger in The Endless Mountain Series.