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Grave Consequences eBook

In the Pennsylvania Wilderness, a Mystery Unfolds

Beneath the ancient canopies of Pennsylvania’s Worlds End State Park and Loyalsock State Forest, Malachi James and Cate Garrison are drawn together by a mission to protect wildlife. Malachi, haunted by a past he thought he’d left behind, is thrust into the heart of a struggle for control within Jade, a cult his mother, Rebecca, seeks to dominate by positioning him as the rightful heir to his father, Ezekiel’s, forsaken legacy. Cate, whose heart beats with an unwavering commitment to the defenseless, steps into the complexities of Malachi’s world, a beacon of hope that pierces the looming darkness of his family history. Their joint endeavor to rescue three bear cubs from danger transforms into a journey fraught with conflicting loyalties and concealed motives. As they navigate a complex of web of lies, the discord within Jade emerges as a dire threat to their mission and their very survival. Amid this struggle for justice and autonomy, a romance unfolds, rooted in the shared faith that guide their steps. This budding love, promises a chance for renewal, casting a light into the forest’s darkest corners—and their hearts. Facing his mother’s cunning and the echoes of his father’s crimes, Malachi stands at a crossroads. The Loyalsock’s ancient woods become the arena for this deeply personal conflict, mirroring the inner turmoil that both Malachi and Cate must navigate. Through this crucible, Malachi learns the true meaning of family, learning that it’s the bonds forged through choice, struggle, and love that truly define us. Grave Consequences is a Christian romantic suspense novel that shows the bonds of found family as the Malachi and Cate confront their pasts and ask God to direct their futures. Their faith, love, and convictions are tested against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur and familial legacies.


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April Wilson

Edge-of-your-seat read!

Good, clean novel with Christian morals and promises from God’s Word. Some of the mystery between Malachi and his biological family was easy to guess or was given in the plot, but the cat-and-mouse, hide-and-seek will keep you tense and guessing.

This was my first suspense novel by the Author and I enjoyed it. It definitely kept me turning pages. I was glad that Malachi and Cate got a HEA after their difficult pasts, but I was sadden to be reminded how some of the cults in our world twist the truth about God into lies. I’m glad Malachi and his dad learned the truth.

I received a complimentary copy and these are my voluntary and honest opinions. I was not required to leave a positive review.


Elle E. Kay is a master storyteller. She can spin a tale so intricately and weave all the threads together so expertly that you just can’t put the book down. I received an ARC for this book but I honestly loved it!

Laura de la Torre

This is a review for Grave Consequences.

Malachi James is looking for poachers, Cate Garrison is looking for tagged bears. One possibly pregnant. Malachi finds a trail of blood leading to a bear den. Cate is concerned there are cubs. They search the forest for clues. Find men trying to buy the bear cubs, the man is scared off.

Later a man’s body is found.

The trail leads to a religious cult and woman named Becky, who is not what she seems.

Meanwhile Malachi and Cate race to save the cubs and find the killer.

Sandy H

I had an ARC for this book, but this is my voluntary and honest opinion. Cate Garrison is a biologist whose job is to track bears. When they get a call that a momma bear has been killed at World’s End State Park, she goes to get the three cubs which were being sold by the poachers who were part of a cult and meets park ranger Malachi James. When the first one is placed Malachi joins her to watch the process. As they explore his biological parents and their involvement with the cult their faith grows along with their feeling for each other, but so do the dangers around them. I certainly enjoyed reading this book and the look at the growth in the characters, the ways they deal with their pasts, and their faith.


Malachi and Cate make a great team. They both have secrets that they really don’t want to share. Definitely a suspenseful mystery with romance. Family comes into play in their story as well as their protective side. Loved the intrigue and elemental of danger that kept me on the edge of my seat. Great ending.


I truly enjoyed this book and stayed up far too late reading it. I enjoyed getting to know Cate and Malachi as they navigated all the twists and turns of this story on their way to falling in love with each other. It was good to see Cate’s brothers again, and Cate’s interactions with them were quite entertaining. The descriptions of Pennsylvania’s Worlds End State Park and Loyalsock State Forest made those places come alive for me, and I was quite concerned for the welfare of the bear cubs, as well. This book was written from several different points of view, so it gives some insight into how some of the other characters were thinking. This book was very well written, and, as usual, the author’s writing style made the book a joy to read. I was provided a copy of this book by the author/publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.


What a great addition to the series. Loved how we saw people from the first two books, and the park setting is wonderful.

A sweet romance that stays clean and keeps to Christian values. The faith element of the story was very welcome, liked how the characters came to see where growth was needed and pressed in to God for it. The action and suspense is well written with a few plot twists.

Overall a great romantic suspense to add to ones recommendation list!

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of the book.

Grave Consequences ebook cover

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