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Inspired by the Hero Paperback

Can a blizzard be a blessing?

When a dangerous blizzard traps Casey Crawford and her secret crush, Gage Buchanan, in a chalet in the woods, she knows it can’t lead to happily-ever-after. But as they spend more time together and he shows an interest in her, the walls she’s built around her heart crack.

However, Gage has had his share of trouble and isn’t looking for more. When someone shoots at them, he can’t ignore the threats closing in on Casey, and they must work together to stay alive. As they try to figure out who wants her dead, Casey finds herself drawn to Gage more than ever before.

But can they have a future together when the town of Freedom, Colorado thinks the Crawfords are nothing but trouble? And with forces at work beyond their control, will their faith in God be enough to overcome the dangers they face?

Experience the thrilling romance and heartwarming faith of the Heroes of Freedom Ridge series in this Christian Christmas novel. Don’t miss out on Inspired by the Hero, where love and danger collide.


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When you order print books from me, they are printed and shipped by BookVault—known for their top-notch printing quality. Delivery may take a little longer than Amazon Prime, but their books are worth the wait.

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Escape into a thrilling fictional story.

Enjoy a character driven fast-paced novel.

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Sandy H

Casey Crawford, local Physician’s Assistant, is looking to leave Freedom Ridge because of her father’s crimes. Gage Buchanan, CEO of his father’s company, would rather be on the mission field. When Casey starts being threatened, Gage helps her and keeps her safe. The plot includes issues of self-worth, finding God’s plan in your life, and forming attachments. A heartwarming book well worth the read.

Inspired by the Hero paperback book cover

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