Lawfully Given

Lured to the West by a lie.

When Grace Belle arrives in the New Mexico Territory, she expects to meet her fiancé and confront her brother. Instead, she discovers that her arranged marriage was a lie, and her brother is missing.

Sheriff Jack Garrison is drawn to the beautiful and headstrong Grace, even as he grapples with personal drama of his own. He’s courting a woman with secrets, and suddenly finds himself claimed by another.

As they work to unravel the mystery of Grace’s brother’s disappearance, they’re forced to confront their growing feelings for each other. But with danger closing in and time running out, they must solve the mystery before tragedy strikes.

Experience the sweeping romance and high stakes action of the Wild West in “Lawfully Given,” the second book in the Lawkeeper series. With strong Christian themes and unforgettable characters, this historical romance is not to be missed.