Lawfully Taken

A bounty hunter gets more than he bargained for.

Bounty hunter Nathaniel Hayes is good at his job, but when he takes on the mission to capture the leaders of the Glenn-Ricketts gang, he finds himself in over his head. He didn’t expect to cross paths with the fiery Pinkerton detective Adeline McCarty.

Despite her tough exterior, Nathaniel sees through her facade and recognizes a kindred spirit. As they work together to bring the gang to justice, Adeline reveals that she’s not just after any criminals – she wants the ones responsible for her father’s murder. Nathaniel is willing to help, but he can’t deny his growing feelings for the beautiful detective.

But with danger around every corner and the odds stacked against them, Nathaniel and Adeline must decide whether to trust each other with their hearts as well as their lives. Will their quest for justice bring them together or tear them apart?

Get swept away in the thrilling romance and action of the Wild West in Lawfully Taken, the first book in the Historical Lawkeepers series, featuring strong Christian themes.