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The Bodyguard’s Fake Bride Paperback

What happens when fantasy and reality collide?

Seamus McPherson is head of security for Fractal Enterprises, and when he’s asked to stage a fake marriage, he knows it won’t be easy. Especially since the bride is Amy Anderson, the woman whose heart he broke. But when a stalker threatens Amy’s life, Seamus must protect her with everything he has.

As they journey to Scotland for his clan reunion, the line between fake and real blurs. Seamus has become Laird of his uncle’s land, and Amy is struggling to separate fantasy from reality while keeping her heart protected. But when the truth is revealed, they must confront their past and decide if they’re willing to take a chance on a future together.

The Bodyguard’s Fake Bride is a sweet contemporary Christian second-chance romance that explores themes of love, trust, and redemption. With a Scottish angle and a touch of dialect, this captivating story is perfect for fans of both fiction and adventure. Don’t miss your chance to join Seamus and Amy on their journey of discovery. Get your copy today!


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How will I receive my ebook?

When you order ebooks direct from me, your book will be delivered through BookFunnel. They’ll email you with a link where you can claim your book and have it delivered to your favorite reading device. BookFunnel makes the process simple and they offer no-cost support if you run into any problems.

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When you order print books from me, they are printed and shipped by BookVault—known for their top-notch printing quality. Delivery may take a little longer than Amazon Prime, but their books are worth the wait.

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Enjoy a character driven fast-paced novel.

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The Bodyguard's Fake Bride paperback book cover

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