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Shadowing Stella



  1. In chapter one, Stella feels like God abandoned her. How did her circumstances contribute to her feelings? Do you think you would’ve felt the same in her place? If so, in what way.

  2. How did you feel about Stella’s decision to get in the truck with strangers?

  3. Both parents in the McIntyre family welcome Stella home with open arms, like the father welcomes the prodigal in Jesus’ parable. How does this relate to a Christians relationship with Father God?

  4. Claudia’s reaction isn’t as enthusiastic. At first, her response to Stella’s return is to her feelings with sarcasm. Did you see character growth from Claudia in that moment and how she behaved toward her sister by the end of the story?

  5. In chapter 4, Stella was the victim of unkind gossip within her church family. How would you have handled the situation if you were in her shoes?

  6. Jason barely knows Stella, yet he quickly becomes enamored with her. What do you think attracted him to her?

  7. Stella is jittery around men and hesitant to get involved with Jason. Why do you think she gives him a chance?

  8. In chapter seven, when the flood separates Stella from her son, she gets discouraged. What could she have done differently to find strength, courage and joy during difficult circumstances?

  9. After Jason learns of the rape, he tries to take matters into his own hands. Even as he considers involving himself, verses run through his head reminding him that vengeance belongs to God. What do you think caused him to ignore the Holy Spirit’s direction and go to Florida on a search for answers/revenge?

  10. In chapter 10, Stella is kidnapped. When she finds herself alone in a dark mine she somehow, almost instinctively leans on the Lord. Why do you think her response is so different here than in chapter seven?

  11. Imagine yourself in either Jim’s or Joy’s place. What would you have done differently than they did if your child was kidnapped?

  12. Kyle is mentally disturbed and has lost touch with reality. Do you think his friend, Michael, enabled him in his delusion? Did Michael redeem himself by turning Kyle in?

  13. When Cole disobeyed Mac’s direct order to stay outside of the mine, his choice resulted in tragedy. How does that parallel with God’s children disobeying his commands?

  14. What changes did you see in Stella from the beginning of the story to the end?
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